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Titel: Using Guttenberg’s doctoral thesis to test plagiarism detection systems
Datum: Mai 30, 2011
Autor: Bela Gipp
Details: Blog-Eintrag
Auszug: So far Plagiarism Detection Systems rely solely on text analysis, but text-based detection systems struggle, as study results show, to identify paraphrased forms of plagiarism, idea plagiarism and translation-plagiarism. In our paper 'Comparative Evaluation of Text- and Citation-based Plagiarism Detection Approaches using GuttenPlag', we have evaluated whether analyzing the citations of a document could help to increase detection rates. A preprint of our paper (to be published in June at the JCDL 11 conference in Ottawa), in which we evaluate the potential of citation-based plagiarism detection systems using Guttenberg’s doctoral thesis, can be found here.
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